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minutes from 2004-12-05

We had a meeting on Sunday, Dec 5 at the Barnes and Nobles in Pittsford. Present were Tobin (nibot), Brette (narrow_bridge), Ryan (four), and Chris (chris_acheson).

Topic: Publicity

* Ryan volunteered to make some "business cards" that he will sprinkle about town in a sort of guerilla/teaser publicity campaign. The idea is that they will just say something like "CO-OP" and have our URL.

* Tobin volunteered to try to get the project mentioned in the Rutabaga Wrap, the newsletter of Abundance co-op.

Topic: Find a building

* Tobin volunteered to investigate the "neat historic building"

Topic: Incorporation

The goal to incorporate (form a corporation) in January was reaffirmed.

Topic: What are we going to name this thing?

The only suggestions so far are "Robot Co-op" and something more generic like "Rochester Co-op."

Brette said, "I like Robots."

[note: seems to have prior claim to that name]

Motion: "To never meet here [Barnes and Nobles] again." Passes 3-1, with Ryan in the minority

("What's wrong with you?" Brette asks.)

Tobin is charged with getting sample articles of incorporation.

Somebody says, "Did anyone hear about that vampires versus wherewolves movie?"

Adjorned until "Sometime in January."
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