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local co-ops: the steam co-op

from :

Rochester District Heating is the only steam cooperative in New York State, and is one of only three steam cooperative in the United States.

In 1984 a pioneering coalition of visionaries set out to accomplish a public miracle, to rescue a portion of Rochester’s century-old district steam heating system.

A unique partnership of dedicated professionals from private industry, non-profit organizations, and governs were convinced that steam heat would deliver dramatic advantages in lower up-front investment, reduced energy costs, greater efficiency and reliability.

A non-profit cooperative was formed in 1985 giving members direct, hands-on control of their energy future. The result of these pioneering efforts is today’s Rochester District Heating Cooperative (RDH). RDH members, located in downtown Rochester, New York, are supported by a team of licensed operating engineers at RDH’s state-of-the art steam production plant.

Hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, enjoy the low cost membership benefits of a non-regulated, non-profit, tax-exempt energy cooperative.
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