brette (narrow_bridge) wrote in rochester_coop,

Community Garden Update

Hi All.

I've gotten in touch with someone from the city and someone from FOODLINK about a community garden.

The person from the city told me about the community flower gardens, which I am going to be getting more information on in the mail. The biggest event for community flower gardens is a planting day on May 14th. She also mentioned the vacant lot permit possibility that Tobin found last year, but pointed out the main problem with that, which is water.

The person from FOODLINK said, "We are always seeking community members who can help us maintain and enhance this project. The garden began with AmeriCorps volunteers 4 years ago. However, the AmeriCorps funding was reduced and we no longer have a person actively tending to the garden. If you are interested in volunteering with us to assist with this project, we would be grateful." That description makes me think the FOODLINK community garden is not really what we're looking for. I have gotten back into him or her (everyone I talk to about community gardens has a gender ambiguous name, not that I am one to talk) to make sure.

I'll post more when I know more.
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