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house hunting

Ryan (four) and I have gotten pretty excited about locating the co-op in the Southwedge neighborhood. This is the area bounded, roughly, by the river (or Mt.Hope Ave) on the west, by I-390 on the east, and by Highland park to the south. We'd be within walking distance to cafes, bars, restaurants, and easy biking distance to downtown and UR. We went exploring on foot and by car over the weekend and ended up looking at two apartments available for rent (just because the owners happened to be right there) and one house. The house was beautiful but not really laid out well for a co-op. A major problem is that it seems that almost all houses of an appreciable size are subdivided into apartments. Or it could just be that those houses are more likely to have vacancies advertised, and that it may be early in the season for leasing a "whole house". The Southwedge Planning Commission (SWPC) is an active community development group in the southwedge.

I'm thinking about printing up some "Wanted: HOUSE" posters to staple up on telephone poles around the Southwedge, and also possibly inquiring with the SWPC. If anyone's interested in joining the house hunt, drop me a line and we'll be sure to call you up next time we go out.

The Southwedge neighborhood

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