tobo (nibot) wrote in rochester_coop,

nickel city

Last sunday, on the way home from a concert-going trip to Toronto, Ryan, Brette, and I stopped at the famed Nickel City co-op in Buffalo. We definitely need to plan a "real" visit, for a whole weekend, but it was nice to finally see their house, if briefly. They fed us some yummy food. Going around the table, those present gave some advice, recommendations to anyone starting a co-op. I don't remember all of them, but some things that stand out are:

1. Try to get disagreements resolved satisfactorily as soon as possible. It might be unpleasant, but it's better than leaving the situation unresolved.

2. Have someone bake bread often.

3. Have some idea of what you're "all about." Nickel city is an "activist co-op"—everyone knows "why they're there."

I think we really need to talk about #3. I think we all have an idea, but it would be nice if we could write it down in five words or less.

They're having a party on March 5.. I can't go, but if anyone is free it would be awesome to roadtrip out for their party.

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