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Ant Hill description for NASCO guide

Here is the description I submitted to NASCO for inclusion in their co-ops listing:

Ant Hill Cooperative — Rochester, NY

Ant Hill Cooperative is a new student housing co-op getting underway in Rochester, New York. Starting up in Summer 2005 with one or two rented houses conveniently located across the Genesee River from the University of Rochester and within commuting distance to several other universities, Ant Hill will be not only a communal living environment for its residents, but a focal point of the community. Like many other housing co-ops, we aim to be not just a supportive, affordable, and ecologically responsible place to live, but a place for exchange of ideas, building of community, incubation of creative projects, and development of ways of living that further our goals. Ant Hill will be an experimental community and a cheap, fun place to live.

Ant Hill was inspired by the co-op system in Berkeley and by the need for communal, non-university-controlled housing in Rochester (or "ROC" as we like to call it). Along with our friends at the EcoHouse (an environmentally-themed rental co-op up the street!) we are making great progress. We invite students, activists, creative persons, and anyone interested in good food, good people, and communal living to help make this dream a reality.

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