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Ant Hill Cooperative: Good Food, Good People, and Community Living

Ant Hill Cooperative, a housing cooperative located in the Plymouth-Exchange neighborhood, is seeking new members. We are currently a community of 17 people (20 to 30 in age) who live in several large houses and apartments on South Plymouth Avenue, where we share chores, cook and eat together, and run our organization democratically.

Essentially, a housing co-op is sort of a glorified living-with-roommates situation, one with organized chore rotations, and a business plan aimed at group ownership of property. We are seeking new members (residents).

We started up in Summer 2005 with two rented houses at 960 and 972 South Plymouth Avenue, conveniently located across the Genesee River from the University of Rochester and within commuting distance to several other universities. Ant Hill will be not only a communal living environment for its residents, but a focal point of the community. Like many other housing co-ops, we aim to be not just a supportive, affordable, and ecologically responsible place to live, but a place for exchange of ideas, building of community, incubation of creative projects, and development of ways of living that further our goals. Ant Hill will be an experimental community and a cheap, fun place to live.

Why would you want to live in a co-op?

  • Yummy dinner cooked five nights a week, and fun people to eat it with.
  • Stocked fridges and pantries for your snacking pleasure
  • Our economy of scale means cheaper, better quality of life.
  • Awesome housemates.
  • Be part of building something that may last a long time and affect many people.

The co-op is a place to live, but it's also a focal point for projects, both relating to the co-op directly, and members' personal projects. No matter what your interests, you're sure to find some projects here that interest you:

  • Painting murals on our walls
  • Learning skills from your housemates
  • Growing our own food in a garden
  • Hosting community potlucks and other events
  • Incorporating as a not-for-profit corporation
  • Developing a business plan for our operation long into the future
  • Improving the houses in which we live
  • Building a workspace for woodworking and other crafts, a darkroom, etc
  • Improving our kitchen, working on bulk buying, developing a commercial kitchen
  • Making contact with other Rochester organizations

Ant Hill was inspired by the co-op system in Berkeley and by the need for communal, non-university-controlled housing in Rochester (or "ROC" as we like to call it). Along with our friends at the EcoHouse (an environmentally-themed rental co-op up the street!) we are making great progress. We invite students, activists, creative persons, and anyone interested in good food, good people, and communal living to help make this dream a reality.

Costs to live in the co-op are approximately $225 per month in rent, $120 per month for food, $70 per month for gas and electric, and $20 per month for our development fund. Members also are expected to fulfill a number of chores every week, participate in monthly co-op work parties, attend weekly co-op meetings (Sunday 7pm-10pm), and generally take an active interest in the maintenance and development of the co-op. Benefits of living in the co-op are many, including a family-like living environment, dinner five nights a week, and being part of an exciting project that is changing people's lives.

This means that your total housing+food bill while living in the co-op will be approximately $435 per month.

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