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house hunting

Ryan (four) and I have gotten pretty excited about locating the co-op in the Southwedge neighborhood. This is the area bounded, roughly, by the river (or Mt.Hope Ave) on the west, by I-390 on the east, and by Highland park to the south. We'd be within walking distance to cafes, bars, restaurants, and easy biking distance to downtown and UR. We went exploring on foot and by car over the weekend and ended up looking at two apartments available for rent (just because the owners happened to be right there) and one house. The house was beautiful but not really laid out well for a co-op. A major problem is that it seems that almost all houses of an appreciable size are subdivided into apartments. Or it could just be that those houses are more likely to have vacancies advertised, and that it may be early in the season for leasing a "whole house". The Southwedge Planning Commission (SWPC) is an active community development group in the southwedge.

I'm thinking about printing up some "Wanted: HOUSE" posters to staple up on telephone poles around the Southwedge, and also possibly inquiring with the SWPC. If anyone's interested in joining the house hunt, drop me a line and we'll be sure to call you up next time we go out.

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Community Garden Update

Hi All.

I've gotten in touch with someone from the city and someone from FOODLINK about a community garden.

The person from the city told me about the community flower gardens, which I am going to be getting more information on in the mail. The biggest event for community flower gardens is a planting day on May 14th. She also mentioned the vacant lot permit possibility that Tobin found last year, but pointed out the main problem with that, which is water.

The person from FOODLINK said, "We are always seeking community members who can help us maintain and enhance this project. The garden began with AmeriCorps volunteers 4 years ago. However, the AmeriCorps funding was reduced and we no longer have a person actively tending to the garden. If you are interested in volunteering with us to assist with this project, we would be grateful." That description makes me think the FOODLINK community garden is not really what we're looking for. I have gotten back into him or her (everyone I talk to about community gardens has a gender ambiguous name, not that I am one to talk) to make sure.

I'll post more when I know more.
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EcoHouse Potluck!

The EcoHouse -- a sort of de facto Co-op near the UR campus -- is having a Potluck tomorrow evening (Saturday the 29th, at 5pm) at 1201 Genesee St. The people there are awesome and they have a great co-op house running. I encourage everyone interested in a rochester co-op to go. (I'll be there!)

P.S. This cartoon reminds me of the co-op dream. (-:
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minutes from 2004-12-05

We had a meeting on Sunday, Dec 5 at the Barnes and Nobles in Pittsford. Present were Tobin (nibot), Brette (narrow_bridge), Ryan (four), and Chris (chris_acheson).

Topic: Publicity

* Ryan volunteered to make some "business cards" that he will sprinkle about town in a sort of guerilla/teaser publicity campaign. The idea is that they will just say something like "CO-OP" and have our URL.

* Tobin volunteered to try to get the project mentioned in the Rutabaga Wrap, the newsletter of Abundance co-op.

Topic: Find a building

* Tobin volunteered to investigate the "neat historic building"

Topic: Incorporation

The goal to incorporate (form a corporation) in January was reaffirmed.

Topic: What are we going to name this thing?

The only suggestions so far are "Robot Co-op" and something more generic like "Rochester Co-op."

Brette said, "I like Robots."

[note: http://robotcoop.com/ seems to have prior claim to that name]

Motion: "To never meet here [Barnes and Nobles] again." Passes 3-1, with Ryan in the minority

("What's wrong with you?" Brette asks.)

Tobin is charged with getting sample articles of incorporation.

Somebody says, "Did anyone hear about that vampires versus wherewolves movie?"

Adjorned until "Sometime in January."
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co-op meeting

At our last meeting, we decided to meet again in two weeks: this coming Sunday. Let's figure out a time and a place to meet; post suggestions. Spot coffee is a decent place (spacious), but communication becomes impossible once the live music starts. Any suggestions for another place? Any time constraints?

You can read the minutes from last time if you weren't there, or you want to refresh your memory. (-:

What do we want to name this organization?

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local co-ops: the steam co-op

from http://www.rdhc.org/ :

Rochester District Heating is the only steam cooperative in New York State, and is one of only three steam cooperative in the United States.

In 1984 a pioneering coalition of visionaries set out to accomplish a public miracle, to rescue a portion of Rochester’s century-old district steam heating system.

A unique partnership of dedicated professionals from private industry, non-profit organizations, and governs were convinced that steam heat would deliver dramatic advantages in lower up-front investment, reduced energy costs, greater efficiency and reliability.

A non-profit cooperative was formed in 1985 giving members direct, hands-on control of their energy future. The result of these pioneering efforts is today’s Rochester District Heating Cooperative (RDH). RDH members, located in downtown Rochester, New York, are supported by a team of licensed operating engineers at RDH’s state-of-the art steam production plant.

Hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, enjoy the low cost membership benefits of a non-regulated, non-profit, tax-exempt energy cooperative.